What is Bitcoin?

Learn about the history of the world’s first digital currency. How did we get from Shekels to Bitcoin?

How Does it Work?

Blockchain, mining, signatures, digital wallets; all of these complex technical matters explained in plain words.

Is it Money?

What is money? Gold? Silver? Paper? How are 1’s and 0’s on the computer money?

Is it Kosher?

Does using Bitcoin fit in with Jewish laws and ethics? What is the Jewish view on Bitcoin?

Learn All This And More!

Bring The Bitcoin Rabbi to your Jewish organization to share all of this information in a fun and educational way. In one hour, listeners will get a crash course lesson about the history of money, money in Judaism, Bitcoin, and a view of the digital future. Some will even get to go home with some FREE Bitcoin!



Rabbi Michael Caras

The Bitcoin Rabbi

Rabbi Caras studied in Yeshiva in Kfar Chabad, Israel, from 2007 until 2011 where he earned his Rabbinical Degree. He is currently a teacher of both Judaic subjects as well as digital media at the Maimonides Hebrew Day School in Albany, NY.


Additionally, he and his wife run a digital media company, Carasmatic Design, where they work in graphic design, website design, photography, and videography.


For the past 2 years, his main interest (outside of Torah and Judaism) has been researching and learning about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency.

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