“Truly beautiful”, “It’s a masterpiece”, “It’s better than many books for grownups. I look forward to giving it to my daughter in a couple years.”

Giacomo Zucco, BHB Network

“Bitcoin Money directly answers the #1 question children and adults have about Bitcoin: “Why should I care?” With beautiful illustrations and engaging plot twists, we learn timeless economic lessons.”

Pierre Rochard, Lightning Power Users

“This book is a crash course on the economics and ethics of Bitcoin and why it is important, conveyed intuitively with easy examples of children playing and exchanging. You really hit it home! “

Max Hillebrand, World Crypto Network

“The author manages to explain complex topics such as money and Bitcoin in a way that any child can understand. I can’t wait to read this to my niece!”

Michael Goldstein, Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

“I learned more from reading this book in one sitting than from you trying to explain Bitcoin to me for two years.”